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                                                                             The lightest and most comfortable range of respiratory masks   

  The Intersurgical EcoLite™ range of oxygen and aerosol therapy products is an important part of the Eco range designed as part of our ongoing focus on sustainable development. 

Improved patient comfort has been key to the ongoing development of the range. The latest manufacturing technology has enabled us to combine two non-PVC materials in the same product, the polypropylene material forming the body of the Intersurgical EcoLite mask is clear, lightweight and rigid enough to maintain the mask’s shape, whilst the second softer TPE material is utilised in the seal, which is in contact with the patient’s face. 

The use of these materials and the unique design of the masks have resulted in a range of oxygen and aerosol therapy products which provide improved patient comfort and a reduced environmental impact. (1,2,3,4,5) 

All of the Intersurgical EcoLite face masks share the following key features and benefits:

• Soft chin, nose and side seals ensure exceptional levels of patient comfort.
• Lighter than PVC masks, more comfortable for the patient.
• Incurved nose seal eliminates the need for a separate nose clip, designed to prevent oxygen and aerosolised drugs entering the patient’s eyes.
• MRI compatible.
• Lower environmental impact.


More products, more choice

Wherever you see the distinctive
green logo you can be assured that we have worked hard to lower the environmental impact of these products.

Our current range of Intersurgical EcoLite products in the oxygen and aerosol range now includes:


• Intersurgical EcoLite™ Aerosol Masks

• Intersurgical EcoLite™ High Concentration  
  Oxygen Masks
• Intersurgical EcoLite™ Oxygen Masks

• Cirrus™2 and Hot Top2 Adult Intersurgical
  EcoLite™ Mask Kits
• Sentri ETCO2 medium concentration masks
• Intersurgical EcoLite™ Tracheostomy Masks

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